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Welcome to the Browse Open Loads Page. Feel free to browse any of our open loads. If interested in any of these loads, please call us @ 800-284-2603.

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Load IDEquip TypeP.U. CityP.U. StateDest CityDest StateP.U. DateDeliv DateCommentsExtensionPriceEmail Broker
QP840913V SuperiorMTLouisvilleKY09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP840914V SuperiorMTLouisvilleKY09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP811111V SuperiorMTLafayetteLA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP817324V SuperiorMTLafayetteLA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP825339FTSuperiorMTLafayetteLA09/18/18  Truckload TARP6827 
QP828075FDSuperiorMTLafayetteLA09/18/18  Truckload TARPED6827 
QP786742MXColumbia FallsMTMinotND09/18/18  Truckload 6934 
QP786742MXColumbia FallsMTMinotND09/19/18  Truckload 6934 
QP811112V SuperiorMTOklahoma CityOK09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP811113FTSuperiorMTOklahoma CityOK09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP828074FDSuperiorMTOklahoma CityOK09/18/18  Truckload TARPED6827 
QP838833V SuperiorMTOklahoma CityOK09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638384F SuperiorMTHermistonOR09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638385FDSuperiorMTHermistonOR09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638386V SuperiorMTHermistonOR09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP732036V SuperiorMTHermistonOR09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632737V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632737V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/19/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632737V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/20/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632762V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632762V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/19/18  Truckload 6827 
QP632762V SuperiorMTSalt Lake CityUT09/20/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638302F SuperiorMTRichlandWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638303FDSuperiorMTRichlandWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP638304V SuperiorMTRichlandWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP641666F SuperiorMTSpokaneWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP641667FDSuperiorMTSpokaneWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP641668V SuperiorMTSpokaneWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP726057V SuperiorMTSpokaneWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
QP729358V SuperiorMTRichlandWA09/18/18  Truckload 6827 
820632V Three ForksMTGraftonWV09/19/18  Truckload 6929$3600

Total Loads:   31