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Welcome to the Browse Open Loads Page. Feel free to browse any of our open loads. If interested in any of these loads, please call us @ 800-284-2603.

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Load IDEquip TypeP.U. CityP.U. StateDest CityDest StateP.U. DateDeliv DateCommentsExtensionPriceEmail Broker
1074358V BrenhamTXPelhamAL08/03/20  Truckload 6944 
1074520F ConverseTXLitchfield PkAZ08/03/20  Part, 14ft 6881 
1071707SDSan AntonioTXVisaliaCA08/03/20  Truckload 6725 
QP1108988R MuleshoeTXPlant CityFL08/03/20  Truckload Potato totes6305$3900
QP1108988R MuleshoeTXPlant CityFL08/04/20  Truckload Potato totes6305$3900
QP1108988R MuleshoeTXPlant CityFL08/05/20  Truckload Potato totes6305$3900
1074588R ParisTXBelvidereIL08/03/20  Truckload 6988$1700
QP1109497POFt WorthTXWashingtonKS08/03/20  Truckload 2017, 3 axle Low Boy $65k Ins.6919 
QP1109497POFt WorthTXWashingtonKS08/04/20  Truckload 2017, 3 axle Low Boy $65k Ins.6919 
1073922FTWhitesboroTXHugotonKS08/03/20  Truckload 48ft or 53ft with 6 to 8 ft tarps6710$1650
QP1109432R MuleshoeTXChelseaMA08/04/20  Truckload Potato totes Delivers 8/86305$4750
QP1066749V El PasoTXKansas CityMO08/05/20  Truckload TEAM DRIVERS6306$2200
QP1066749V El PasoTXKansas CityMO08/10/20  Truckload TEAM DRIVERS6306$2200
QP1105503V El PasoTXRobinsonvilleMS08/03/20  Truckload 6306$2700
QP1105503V El PasoTXRobinsonvilleMS08/04/20  Truckload 6306$2700
QP1105503V El PasoTXRobinsonvilleMS08/05/20  Truckload 6306$2700
QP1109528R MuleshoeTXSalisburyNC08/04/20  Truckload Potato totes Del 8/6 & 8/86305$3250
QP1109528R MuleshoeTXSalisburyNC08/06/20  Truckload Potato totes Del 8/6 & 8/86305$3250
QP1109485R WacoTXYorkNE08/06/20  Truckload 6723 
QP1109530R MuleshoeTXMarionNY08/03/20  Truckload Potato totes Del 8/66305$4100
1074187V HoustonTXCincinnatiOH08/03/20  Truckload delivers thursday 1030am6783$1600
QP1109526R MuleshoeTXClevelandOH08/03/20  Truckload Potato totes Del 8/66305$3250
QP1108941R MuleshoeTXSacramentoPA08/03/20  Truckload Potato totes6305$4300
QP1108509R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/03/20  Truckload 6842 
QP1108509R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/04/20  Truckload 6842 
QP1108509R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/05/20  Truckload 6842 
QP1108565R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/03/20  Truckload Bulk potatoes6305$4300
QP1108565R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/04/20  Truckload Bulk potatoes6305$4300
QP1108565R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/05/20  Truckload Bulk potatoes6305$4300
QP1108565R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/06/20  Truckload Bulk potatoes6305$4300
QP1108565R OltonTXSacramentoPA08/07/20  Truckload Bulk potatoes6305$4300
1071865VRHoustonTXPortlandTN08/03/20  Truckload 6959 
QP1109401V LaredoTXMemphisTN08/03/20  Truckload Call 913-278-09286316 
QP1109401V LaredoTXMemphisTN08/04/20  Truckload Call 913-278-09286316 
QP1084065FTCarthageTXAustinTX08/03/20  Truckload 8FT TARPS REQUIRED6827 
QP1109174R Ft WorthTXLufkinTX08/05/20  Truckload 6723 
1073376SDTylerTXTerlinguaTX08/03/20  Truckload 6906 
1074438SDTylerTXTylerTX08/03/20  Truckload 6906 
QP1108607SDTylerTXTerlinguaTX08/03/20  Truckload Overwidth6906$1700
QP1108934SDTylerTXTerlinguaTX08/03/20  Part, 20ft Overwidth6906$1700
QP1109429RGTylerTXTerlinguaTX08/03/20  Truckload Overwidth6906 
QP1107086POSunnyvaleTXSalt Lake CityUT08/03/20  Truckload No New Carriers: 10 Day Max Load Out, New 53ft Dry Van, Swing Door $30k Ins.6919$200
QP1107086POSunnyvaleTXSalt Lake CityUT08/04/20  Truckload No New Carriers: 10 Day Max Load Out, New 53ft Dry Van, Swing Door $30k Ins.6919$200
QP1107086POSunnyvaleTXSalt Lake CityUT08/05/20  Truckload No New Carriers: 10 Day Max Load Out, New 53ft Dry Van, Swing Door $30k Ins.6919$200
1073290V Big SpgTXEau ClaireWI08/07/20  Truckload 6929 
1073291V Big SpgTXEau ClaireWI08/07/20  Truckload 6929 

Total Loads:   46